Some Drive-By Loving projects from the past:

Cutting down and clearing trees

Providing items for ministry events

Random leaf raking

Painting a daycare center

Cutting grass

Decorating houses with balloons

Framing a basement for drywall

Helping people move

Shoveling snow


“I have become all things to all men, that by all means I might save some.”

1 Cor. 9:22


The most common and consistent mission project of PANTA is the Drive-By Loving, which is PANTA’s version of random acts of kindness. A drive by loving is a way to give back some love through all of the insanity in our world.  PANTA was founded in Chicago, large cities and gangs just seem to happen together.  Gangs have drive by shootings, forged to kill and destroy.  PANTA has the drive by loving, to love and encourage.


First and foremost, members are setting their eyes on the eternal treasure and not the things of this world.  Drive By Loving is designed to give the credit to God and not to individuals.  The primary objective is for people to see God working through us, not us working for God.


The project can be anything to reach out to someone in an attempt to show them the Kingdom of God or to show gratitude for something that they have done or are doing to further the Kingdom.


Members dream that the list will grow this year.  PANTA would love to do whatever it is able to further the love God has already extended.  Anyone who is in need or has made an impact in the lives of others is a target for the Drive-By Loving.


Sending Flowers

Putting up Thank you posters

Putting up banners to let ministry leaders know how much they mean.

Bringing groceries to needy families

Bring families Christmas dinner/Thanksgiving dinner

Sending gifts to children in the Bahamas

    ... and many more.


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