“I have become all things to all men, that by all means I might save some.”

1 Cor. 9:22

Why is it that 60 percent of men who profess the faith walk away during their college years?


Pi Omega Sigma is a Christian fraternal branch of the PANTA Foundation created in direct response to this question in desperate need of an answers.   Pi Omega Sigma is dedicated to introducing college students to a true and living God.


 Pi Omega Sigma is directly impacting the daily lives of collegiate America and providing a resource and support network for students to share Christ with others.  In first Corinthians Paul’s call to reach the lost for Christ compelled him to become all things to all men so that by all means he might save some.  This is the primary motivation for the entire PANTA organization.  In this twenty second verse of the ninth chapter of I Corinthians the word “all” in the original Greek is the word “POS” which is represented by the fraternal name Pi Omega Sigma - ΠΩΣ.


This unique approach to a fraternal organization also has an additional built in support system for every member of the college chapter.  The Chapter is linked to a local church and the members of PANTA at that church.  The intent is to give the college students a direct network to the PANTA Organization, regular Sunday worship and a base church throughout their college years.


PI OMEGA SIGMA activities include PANTA Member Programs:


Act up / Act Out Daily Devotionals – Church Mentors– Small Group Discipleship
Chapter Meetings – Academic Accountability – Drive by Loving – Most Wanted  – ΠΩΣ  Events

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