“I have become all things to all men, that by all means I might save some.”

1 Cor. 9:22


Intermediate Services are unique opportunities provided through VIP businesses to help provide services or items that ministers would not normally purchase because of luxury status or items that could be cost prohibitive on a minister’s income.


This service is not designed to create lavish lifestyles for pastors, but exists to provide them with quality items or services whenever possible.  Some items are commonly requested and some are unique.  PANTA Members who have a heartfelt desire to provide something for a specific ministry leader are welcome to make direct requests at any time.


While every request is not guaranteed and some services will have charges attached to them, PANTA will do ALL things to support you and your ministry.  The most commonly requested items are diamonds and jewelry.   PANTA holds strongly with Zig Ziglars sentiment that “God did not make diamonds for Satan’s bunch.”  A fine jewelry business has actually been created to directly meet the needs of people in ministry.   Feel free to check them out some of the services on line at:


Compassion Diamond

Vantage Intermediates

Vantage Innovative Promotions

Triex Financial

Investigative Services Agency


PANTA may not be able to offer all services complementary but does so whenever possible.

All requests are taken on an individual basis and no request is guaranteed at the time of request.  If fees are associated with your request nothing is presumed until you agree to the cost for the project.

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