“I have become all things to all men, that by all means I might save some.”

1 Cor. 9:22


The War Room is the name given to PANTA’s prayer warriors.  This is a group of men and women dedicated to prayerful intersession.  These faithful believers are the ones that get down on their knees daily and earnestly pray for what is happening around them.  They like to say that they “make war on the floor”.  They bring the spiritual line of defense to the individuals and the ministry God has called them to support.


Anyone who is willing is welcome. The call to pray will put you in the front line of the spiritual battle.  Prayer is the most powerful weapon against the enemy and you will be under fire.  Being in the presence of God is an experience that will never leave you unchanged and the satisfaction of seeing a lost person found is indescribable.


Believe it or not there is a very real battle for someone to seek Christ.  Satan is real, despite what you may have heard.  His army is actively keeping people from the Savior.  Prayer warriors actively participate in this battle to save the lost, through prayer.


Keep in mind that while the war is spiritual, that does not make it any less real.  It can be extremely difficult for someone to get to church or a small group with a real enemy working against them.  Also keep in mind that becoming a prayer warrior puts you on the front line of the battle.  Soldiers on the front line get shot at.


Prayerfully consider becoming part of the War Room and feel free to “contact” for more information.


Panta Foundation  |  (708)-243-6756